Surging Throng of Evil's Might

by Superstition

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released January 9, 2018

Recorded to 4 track tape by K.M.
Mixed and mastered by Andrew Oswald.

Superstition is:
L.S. Guitar, Vocals, Words, Art.
K.M. Guitar, Bass, Synthesizer, Tape Manipulation.
D.M. Battery.


all rights reserved



Superstition Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: Death's Fuming Passage
resurrection pain
return, decayed disciples
from death’s plane
appear to mortal eyes

warped conjuration
reanimate the flesh
psychic incantation
grave portals awaken

slumbering death rise
from rotting dimensions
creeping flesh rebound
cruel tendons unwound

grave caller, cull the damned
he who festers bring to stand
resurrect and obey
fallow spirit in foul decay
Track Name: Outer Mutation
awaken insanity’s gate
with spell-spoken blood
feed the severed spirit
embers of cremation’s power

flesh reborn beneath
death’s fuming passage
decayed divination
rite of mystic impiety

carnivorous fever
of inhuman cruelty
ungodly possession
aglow with madness disquiet

arise bestial herald
tainted and unenshrined
from the morbid jaws
of the infinite tomb
Track Name: Surging Throng of Evil's Might
under darkling sky
gorge blood with sullen beasts
charnel plane where all must die
festering brood ascend to feast

rise from the corpse-swelled deep
masters unkind wake from deathly sleep
harken, bestial lure of feeble skin
rotting clangor and hideous din

surging throng of evil’s might
terminus horde, unholy hand of demise
scorched vision’s necrotic sight
consume, darkness alight with hungry eyes
Track Name: Grave Portals
hell-bound, death’s prescient vision
ablaze in the darkening sphere
outre mutation, spiritual incision
cerebral necropolis transfigured in fear

wrought on the psychic fringe
behold the barbarous waste
vital force splintered unhinged
pith depraved in putrescence encased

ruination’s design, soul amputation
architects of suffering eternal
to edify agony through life’s destruction
misery caste, derangement fraternal

strange transmogrification
wrath bizarre, torn in the outer-lands
sunder deranged, immortal alienation
essence perverted by peculiar hands

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